The Turkish alphabet is composed of 29 Roman letters. It has twenty-one consonants and eight vowels. Unlike the English alphabet, it does not have the letters “q”, “w”, and “x”.  In addition, it has the letters “ç”, “ğ”, “ı”, “ö”, “ş”, and “ü”.

Capital letters


Lower case letters


Turkish Alphabet – Sound and Pronunciation

The following table contains pronunciation and sound of each letter in the Turkish alphabet.

A a a as in father
B b b as in bat
C c j as in jar
Ç ç ch as in cheese
D d d as in dig
E e e as in fetch
F f f as in fun
G g g as in give
Ğ ğ lengthens preceding vowel
H h h as in hat
I ı ı as in oven
İ i i as in insect
J j zh as in treasure
K k k as in kit
L l l as in bill
M m m as in map
N n n as in net
O o aw as in awl
Ö ö i as in bird
P p p as in pet
R r r as in mirror
S s s as in sun
Ş ş sh as in ship
T t t as in top
U u oo as in pool
Ü ü between ee and oo
V v v as in vast
Y y y as in yes
Z z z as in zebra

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